We’ve designed this website to protect your privacy because we believe privacy is a fundamental right and vital to democracy. We collect some information when you browse but we will never sell this information or allow it to be used for purposes contrary to the public interest. 

Our purpose is to strengthen and protect democracy by making accurate information available to voters. We only collect, store, use and share data about users in furtherance of that purpose. 

This page explains what information we collect, store and use. It also explains how we use cookies to make this website work properly. You can send any questions you have about your privacy and this website to

You are anonymous when browsing this website, and we do not store or share your address

We ask you to provide your street address so that we can provide you with a list of elections in which you are eligible to vote. Using your address is the easiest way to provide you this information. We do not store your address on our system.

A unique identifier for your address is stored in a cookie on your device. We use that cookie to generate your list of elections. We do not store your IP address on our system.

We cannot individually identify you from your election list. This means that you are anonymous to us when you are browsing this website. 

We put a cookie on your device to make the website work properly

The cookie allows you to view the elections in which we think you are eligible to vote. It also allows you to favourite policies and view a list of those policies and a personalised graph on the ‘Your Policies’ page. The website will not work properly without the cookie.

We also put a cookie on your device to gather anonymised information about how you use the site. This is explained in more detail below.

We collect anonymised information about which policies you like

We collect anonymised information about the policies our users like. Neither we, nor anyone else, will be able to associate you with your list of favourited policies, unless you share your device or your list with others. 

If you are using a public device or a device you share with others, we recommend you clear your cookies and browsing history after browsing this website. You can also clear your favourites list just for this website by clicking the reset button on the ‘Your Local Elections’ page

We will never sell information about which policies our users like, or allow it to be used for private purposes.

We will only ever use this information for two purposes. First, to publicly report statistical summaries of voters’ policy preferences, including by sharing it with a media organisation for that purpose. Secondly, to assist researchers associated with New Zealand tertiary education institutions whose research has relevant ethical approvals. In all cases, the data is anonymised.

We keep this information in raw form for six months from each user's last visit. If we share it with an academic researcher, they may need to keep it for a longer time.

We collected anonymised information about demographics and how you use this website 

We collect anonymised data about our users' demographics and how our users browse this website. This information includes IP addresses and domain names; location data; operating system and browser information; search engine details (how a user arrived at the website); date, time and length of visit; and URLs of the pages visited on the website.

We collect this data using Google Analytics and Analytics data is aggregated and cannot individually identify you to us. We cannot link this data with data we collect about which policies our users like.

We use analytics data to help make the site better (for example, it might help us learn what parts of the site our users find difficult to use and which bits work well). We may share summaries generated from analytics data with our media partner, The Spinoff, and our advertisers and sponsors. 

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